Born-and-bred in New York City, Fiona Silver, mesmerizes audiences with an essence of seductive charm and a captivating innocence. Silver, a pixie-sized triple threat, is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, guitarist and, “rockstar, period.” [Beautiful Savage Magazine] Her evocative artistry encompasses the doe-eyed playfulness of 1960s girl groups, and the haunting beauty of Lady Day-era jazz, along with strains of vintage soul, classic rock, and modern indie rock. 

After spending the last year touring with Grammy Winner Gary Clark Jr., and sharing the stage with Carlos Santana, Silver completed her first independent east coast headlining tour in September 2019. Fiona Silver continues to rise upon the music scene, and is presently gearing up for her EP, ‘Hostage of Love’ to release in 2020.

Fiona Silver has garnered acclaim from NPR’s All Things Considered, Rodney Bingenheimer (aka "The Mayor of Sunset Strip") on both Sirius XM & KROQ FM Radio, Forbes, Bust Magazine, Paste Magazine, Galore Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine, Magnet Magazine, Inked Magazine, Glamour, Black Book, Beautiful Savage Magazine, Quiet Lunch, Pure Volume, Culture Collide, Examiner, and Curve Magazine, among others. With her pinup girl panache and seductive charm, she’s mesmerized audiences internationally. Fiona also has the added distinction of being endorsed by Telefunken Microphones, Reverend Guitars & Luna Guitars.

Her debut album Little Thunder is a poetic and poignant collection of cinematic soul-pop and shakin’-from-the-hips garage rock. The seven-song’s lead single, “Take Me Down,” boasts echo-drenched guitars, an infectious Motown-vibing bassline, and Fiona’s stunning vocal phrasing. Here, she traverses weary lover coolness, hope, and heartbreak. Fiona’s lost puppy innocence imbues “I’ll Follow You.” This track comes off like a golden ballad beamed into a cherry red 57 Chevy from a lost radio transmission. On the simmering “Keep it Fresh,” she lays out a treatise on self-empowerment over an undeniably funky beat. The album concludes with the chilling David Lynchian “Smoking Gun,” a masterful done-wrong revenge narrative that evokes Ennio Morricone and swampy goth-poets The Gun Club.

Fiona, who is a gifted big picture conceptualist, co-produced the album with Erin Tonkon, an on-the-rise producer who has worked with such artists as David Bowie and Esperanza Spalding.  Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Emily Lazar, of David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, and Morrissey fame, put the final sonic touches on the album.

Since the release of Little Thunder, Fiona Silver has been touring the U.S., and releasing songs such as "Here Comes The Fall," a departure from her Rock 'N Roll roots into a haunting dream-like croon, accompanied by a surrealist music video which premiered on Paste Magazine, who said, "Fiona Silver is a noir movie queen in the body of a modern rock vixen—part Ava Gardner, part Joan Jett. On her debut album Little Thunder, she put fuzzy guitars and electronic trimmings on a vintage soul foundation, with her powderkeg vocals tying it all together. Her first post-Little Thunder single, “Here Comes the Fall” rides a seductive riff, swelling with strings as Silver vows, 'I love you when it gets cold.' "

Silver then released “Nightclubbing” a tropical/disco/indie rock tune with a nod to her punk hero Iggy Pop, as well as “Thunder and Lightning” a heart-wrenching blues ballad recorded by Grammy Award-winning producer Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell (who has worked with Bruno Mars, Al Green and Buddy Guy, to name a few) at the legendary soul factory Royal Studios in Memphis, TN.

Most recently, Silver returned to her NYC roots to record her upcoming EP, Hostage of Love. On September 13th, she released the first single from Hostage of Love, entitled “Dark Blue,” which gained immediate attention from Paper Magazine, Bust Magazine and The Big Takeover. Dark Blue also caught the ears of people across the country charting in the Top 20 in Alabama State’s College Radio, as well as top 30 in M3 Brooklyn Radio.

"Fiona Silver is a rockstar, period."

-Beautiful Savage Magazine

"...smashing glass ceilings... torching patriarchal rock."

-Phoenix Magazine

"From the passion in her voice to the delicacy in her strut... Silver is a force to be reckoned with."

-Huffington Post

"In addition to Silver being blessed with a perfectly soft, rich, and soulful voice, it is her fearless experimentation with all sorts of genres that we find so cool. While many of her songs are rooted in the blues, she often transitions into soul, rock, and even pop when you least expect it."  

-Culture Collide

"Beyond amazing."

-Rodney Bingenheimer (KROQ 106.7FM)

"Fiona Silver’s sexy, seemingly cigarette-stained voice makes her instantly recognizable as an honest-to-god East Village girl. Yet though her 60s-girl-group-meets-David-Lynch guitar-pop is gritty and sexual, a significant part of her appeal is her willingness to reveal an underlying vulnerability."

-Black Book Magazine

“The next big artist to land on the music scene...be prepared to watch this rising star burn brightly in a big way.”

-Inked Magazine

"...this kick ass girl has a Presence, with a capital P."

-Galore Magazine

"...all of the tracks draw from an emotional intensity that a lot of song-writers shy away from in order to appeal to an anesthetized mass audience. Silver’s music seems to say, “Fuck it"...  Silver discovered her strength by walking through the fire of loss and emerging, not just strong, but unstoppable... It won’t be long before the thunder surrounding Silver will be deafening."

-Ladygunn Magazine

"...femme fatale, an heiress apparent to Amy Winehouse... or a modern day chanteuse given her spit and sass, Fiona Silver clearly demands immediate attention."

-Paste Magazine

"Sultry one minute and vulnerable the next."

-Ukulele Magazine

"Silver’s enchanting voice- combined with uncompromising lyrics- signals a promising future."
-BUST Magazine